Shoptagr App revisa

Great idea but poor execution

The idea of this app is great. I was excited to use it but as noted repeatedly by others —it is flawed. Spotty performance—sometimes doesn’t upload items selected and other times it saves items multiple times. Unreliable.

Fixes needed

When I tag an item it doesn’t show up


Just watched Pennies into Pearls rave about Shoptagr, so I gave it a try and am OBSESSED! That you for doing the tedious work of making sure we get the best deals! I feel a lot better when ordering things 😍😍


Love it because I can always like something and then buy it later when it’s on sale.


This app is amazing!! I love how easy it is to use and organize everything. As a college student I need to save money where I can and this app helps me do that.

Best app in the App Store

This app has saved me thousands of dollars...the sale notifications are invaluable!! This is the only app whose push notifications I’m excited to see! And I have been able to get an alert when items were sold out and someone randomly does a return of the item! That’s how I got two things that I was so upset about being sold out. I’ve literally been able to buy items that were originally 300 and 400 hundred for like 40 and fifty dollars, because it was the last one they had in inventory and was returned! The creators of this app are genius!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I like the idea!

I liked the idea of the app, but I’m not sure if it serve my purpose! By that I meant, I feel like by the time I receive notifications of something went on sale it’s already sold out!! I use it mostly for sale items. I feel it’s notifications should be as quick as the sale goes on!!

Leaves much to be desired

This app works fine initially but there are important features missing that if added would definitely improve my experience as a user. I'd like to be able to mass delete items that are sold out or that I am no longer interested in. Similarly I'd like to be able to move multiple items at once between lists. Additionally I've noticed it doesn't tell me if an item is sold out for big companies like H&M, Zara, and Target. When I go to the link through shoptagr it clearly states it's sold out but somehow shoptagr never told me.

Good for keeping track of items

All around, a good way to keep track of sales and what's in stock. The only things that needs to be improved is the range of websites. But other than that, it's worth downloading.

Shoptagr deleted my entire list!!

Crappy app that has glitches and deleted my entire list of saved items AFTER sending me notifications for those items. All my stuff is gone. I’m now going to go back to saving my items in the way I usually do. This app was a waste of time and effort. I’m never using it again. I’m deleting it immediately.

Awesome app

Love love love this app. It’s soooo useful and saves me a lot of money

Not showing the item

Not showing the item the app is trash!


This is a great idea and the app has a lot of potential. The only thing is that I spent some time saving items that I liked and when I went back to the app. When you press “ My items” a buffering sign comes up but after that nothing shows up. I can’t see the items I saved or anything that I put in my lists. Hopefully they fix this soon

AMAZING concept

I love this app! Perfect for what I need. Something I’m struggling with is that my stuff from Aloyoga won’t show up when I save it!

Great concept, poor execution

Firstly this app doesn’t support about 80 percent of online shops. No nightcap, misa LA, spell & Gypsy.. etc. just main huge shops like notdstroms, saks (boring). So if your a savvy online shopper this site won’t help. Also it’s late on notification. By the time I get the notification sometimes it’s already sold out!! Step it up

Best app!

Hands down my favorite app!

This app is everything I never knew I needed

This app was recommended by a youtuber and when I heard the jist of what the app was about, I downloaded it immediately. I save whatever items I don’t want to buy full-price and then I get the notification right to my phone that it went on sale. Extremely helpful. 10/10

It sometimes works sometimes doesn’t

I go ham on things I want to save if I find different varieties and when I go to the app the things that have supposedly been added aren’t there. Even when I try to add one thing multiple times it doesn’t show up. It also can’t read some websites too because some of the things I save from the same site end up popping up as the first thing I saved so I have 4 of the same item or it just comes up as 0 dollars. When it does work it’s great though. I like the alert options it gives.


I love this app and am glad I found it to help save me money!

Great idea! Too bad it just doesn’t work

I really like the idea of this app. It’s just too bad it won’t actually work. I’ve tried saving several items and they just don’t appear. At this point it’s just better to stalk the websites itself then count on the app to work. Until it’s fixed I’ll take a pass.


Love this app to bits💕 Very effective app🤗

So helpful!

I no longer have to keep a paper list of what I found or have to go back and forth to compare and keep track. Awesome idea.

Randomly Signs You Out

The app is all, but it will randomly sign you out. It won’t keep you signed in for some reason.

Awsome app

This app is so useful love it

Error Login 🤬

“Request Failed: Client Error 422”

Amazing but filters and updated results need help

This app is a life (and wallet!) saver. I've told all my friends about it. What prevents Shoptagr from being a five star app is the filtering. When I filter by "on sale" I also get low and out of stock results, defeating the whole purpose of filtering in the first place. I've also run into selecting and "on sale" item only to find out it's been out of stock (sometimes for months). This happens frequently.

I 💕💕💕💕💕💕this app!

It keeps me up to date on my favorite outfits when they go on sale! It’s been working so far so if your wondering if you should download this app... YES, YES, YES! I love it!!

Great app

This app is great for a person with a tight budget. I am a father of three so I love to get everything I buy on sale and get alerted when the items are on sale.

Not Saving Anything

I downloaded the app and followed the instructions, however none of the items are showing in my saved “items”. The page still shows the instructions page on how to use the app, but won’t show any of my saved items.




if you’re a shopaholic like moi, and like to be a baddie on a budget this definitely an app YOU NEED. Instaead of have continuously checking websites to see if there’s sale going on, this app instantly alerts you when the item you like is on sale. TALK ABOUT TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT

No notifications

Never notifies me when something is in stock even when it is. Better luck checking websites on my own.

Doesn't work

Tried adding several items and couldn't find them on the app. So disappointed because I was really excited about the idea of this

Money saver

If you are like me and don't believe in paying full price for over price items (which is basically almost everything out there) then you need to download this app. I'm all about saving and Shoptagr helps me save a lot on my shopping.


First time using it and it's so easy. I look forward to the notifications of sale items. So far everything I've selected does appear on the site! Awesome idea! Will save me so much time!

Great app

Helps me keep track of all the shoes I want to buy.

Where have you been all my life?

I heard about the app through a YouTuber, Ashley Devonna . All the hype is real. I’m a shopaholic and dreamed of being able to consolidate my favorite stores into one app to shop. Dream come true. Did I mention the app updates you on sales and it notifies you if an item you drooled over is back in stock? Thank you app Gods.

Best fashion app hands down

Saves me so much money with it’s codes and management.

Great app

Great way to plan on my new luxury buys

It doesn’t save items to lists

As stated above. And if it does manage to save the item it will only save one or disappear entirely when you wish to review your items. Can’t recommend this if it doesn’t work properly


I love this app so much! It’s so helpful and easy I use it all the time! The app for the laptops/computers is glitchy sometimes but other than that it’s great!

Problem solved!

If you’re someone who loves to shop, endlessly saves images or screenshots products that you would potentially like to try, or even only like to shop on sales, this app is absolutely for you. It’s amazing because it keeps all of your desires/wants/needs all in one place, notifies you when things come back in stock, and keeps track of sales for you. Come on, you clearly need it.

Late notifications

It notifies you almost at least 20 hrs after there is a sale on an item and by that time its usually sold out and once something go out of stock it fails to ever notify u when its back in stock. And also if u have two items saved from the same store and they both go on sale u only get notifications from on of the items


This is an amazing app that help you find the best deals what's better than that

Didn’t work

Almost missed sale at Best Buy - saved $150 - kept checking the old fashioned way. Already purchased. Will be interesting to see if it ever finds the sale.

Not working Please Fix

It keeps on crashing 5 seconds into the menu screen


I love the app, but it won’t let me open it for more than two seconds without logging out. I tried deleting it then downloading it back, but it still happens. Not including that, it’s a great app!

5 stars

A freakin must have!! Im seriously in love

Great App


Loving this app!

I appreciate that we can have this app to watch our products from many different websites for us without going to each individual app and seeing if the information is updated.

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