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Money saver

If you are like me and don't believe in paying full price for over price items (which is basically almost everything out there) then you need to download this app. I'm all about saving and Shoptagr helps me save a lot on my shopping.


First time using it and it's so easy. I look forward to the notifications of sale items. So far everything I've selected does appear on the site! Awesome idea! Will save me so much time!

Great app

Helps me keep track of all the shoes I want to buy.

Where have you been all my life?

I heard about the app through a YouTuber, Ashley Devonna . All the hype is real. I’m a shopaholic and dreamed of being able to consolidate my favorite stores into one app to shop. Dream come true. Did I mention the app updates you on sales and it notifies you if an item you drooled over is back in stock? Thank you app Gods.

Best fashion app hands down

Saves me so much money with it’s codes and management.

Great app

Great way to plan on my new luxury buys

It doesn’t save items to lists

As stated above. And if it does manage to save the item it will only save one or disappear entirely when you wish to review your items. Can’t recommend this if it doesn’t work properly


I love this app so much! It’s so helpful and easy I use it all the time! The app for the laptops/computers is glitchy sometimes but other than that it’s great!

Problem solved!

If you’re someone who loves to shop, endlessly saves images or screenshots products that you would potentially like to try, or even only like to shop on sales, this app is absolutely for you. It’s amazing because it keeps all of your desires/wants/needs all in one place, notifies you when things come back in stock, and keeps track of sales for you. Come on, you clearly need it.

Late notifications

It notifies you almost at least 20 hrs after there is a sale on an item and by that time its usually sold out and once something go out of stock it fails to ever notify u when its back in stock. And also if u have two items saved from the same store and they both go on sale u only get notifications from on of the items


This is an amazing app that help you find the best deals what's better than that

Didn’t work

Almost missed sale at Best Buy - saved $150 - kept checking the old fashioned way. Already purchased. Will be interesting to see if it ever finds the sale.

Not working Please Fix

It keeps on crashing 5 seconds into the menu screen


I love the app, but it won’t let me open it for more than two seconds without logging out. I tried deleting it then downloading it back, but it still happens. Not including that, it’s a great app!

5 stars

A freakin must have!! Im seriously in love

Great App


Loving this app!

I appreciate that we can have this app to watch our products from many different websites for us without going to each individual app and seeing if the information is updated.

Great needs a update

I don’t usually write reviews for apps I just think this is an amazing app but it doesn’t load all of the thumbnails for the items wich makes me very annoyed and I think a great update would be tht it adds up all of the items and says the total somewhere but it is very helpful if you love online shopping


I am so in love! I shop a lot and this helps monitor the products for me so I don't have to check to see if they went on sale, the app will let me know when it does. It also is useful for understanding what items won't go on sale so I can take advantage of in-store promotions.

Frustrated with the app's non-responsiveness

The app is great if it decides to work. I was adding a lot of items to the app, and once I go in there, the items are not there. After doing the same steps several times, the items are in the app multiple times. The app has so many glitches, and it is so frustrating! This almost discourages me from wanting to use it. The main issues are items not showing up in the app, and items being duplicated.

Please fix this app

I used this app all the time but now all the sudden it don’t want to work. I try to add a item and it won’t show up. I love the app so much but it just don’t want to work please update

Great app poor execution

I love this app, but it stopped working after only a week. I would save items and then when I️ went into the app itself it turns out the items never saved at all.


I love this app, and it's literally helped me so much. It's so much better than having to revisit a website all the time, looking for sales or seeing if something you wanted is still there. It notif's you if anything just came back in stock, is on sale, or is out to sell out. Way easier than signing up for all those notifications from tons of different websites. It's also nice to see all the things I want from tons of different online stores in one place, and they don't place limits on how much you can save - which is awesome. The only bad thing is, which isn't even a problem really, is that the images they convert from the website come up in bad quality on the app.

Awesome Sauce

Everything I want all in one place.



Way too glitchy

Honestly, this is a great idea, with very poor execution. I have been using the program for about a month now, and it messes up so many times it is truly infuriating. For example, 80% of the time that you try and save something from the internet, and then go into the app and look for it, the item is simply not there. (After refreshing the app multiple times, exiting and re-loading, and even trying to add the product again.) Other times, the app will add two of the same item you wished to track, or glitch out entirely and stay on a loading screen while you are trying to browse the internet. Giving it 1 star, because like I said, it’s a cool thought, horrible in actuality.


This app is so bomb. It’s not necessarily something that you can shop through but you save any items that you’re looking at and they alert you on anything that happens with the item. They also have a computer add on which is dope. And they have a list of stores that they support so you can get some new shopping favorites. Trust me. This is the bomb.


An app from heaven!!! I am a big money saver but I also like high end stuff lol not a good pair. This app really helped me out finding the clothes I want for a great price!! GET ITTTTT!!!

Super helpful for getting good deals

I love Shoptagr so much. It's such an intuitive app and makes shopping for good deals so efficient. I especially like that if I end up buying something I Shoptagged and I get another email alert that it's on sale again I can just click a link on the bottom of the email to quickly stop receiving alerts on the item. I also like being alerted when an item is back in stock. It would be even more helpful if the app would take note of the color and size of the item I'm wanting and alert me if it's available. I also use the app as a wishlist of sorts so I can go to one place and see all of the items I'd eventually like to add to my wardrobe.

Randomly Closes

I love this app a lot!! It is very useful! The only reason I took a star off the rating was because the app does randomly close a lot (please fix).

Good but slow and a little inconvenient

None of the pictures ever load and you should be able to add a bunch of things at once and have default settings so I don't have to set the percentages and size every single time

One of the Most Useful Apps EVER

I normally don't review apps but this is literally amazing. They notify you when your tagged item goes on sale, is restocked, or is low in stock. They even give you tips and info about when to expect certain sales so that you are prepared in advanced. Super helpful and convenient, keep up the great work.

Just Try it 📱

Never Write review but this app totally deserves five stars 🔥 And that all I'm about to say lol like I said I don't write reviews.


I read how bad the reviews are and the app won't even download


shoptagr seriously needs to work on this app because it has been acting up for months now I love this app but every time I wanna use it I get annoyed

I absolutely love this app

It keeps track of sales for you so you don't have to. Most of all it's free, and there's a customer service right on the app.

Does Not Work

I'm trying to use this app but it keeps buffering and won't save anything.

Finally Works Again

I used this app for several months then all of a sudden it just stopped working. I loved the fact that I can create online shopping list with different categories from multiple websites and know when it goes on sale. Now after 7 months I thought about this app again. It works great just like before. Let's just hope that it doesn't stop working again.

Glitchy, Unorganized

This app is very disorganized and difficult to use. The image quality is poor and the graphics are clunky and unimpressive. To top it all off, this app shuts down at random. Shoptagr needs to do some serious editing on their app, which I hope they do because I love their service. For now, don't bother getting this--just use the desktop version.

It ok

It's ok but I don't really think it helped me

Love this app

It's just plain old amazing

Very good app 👍


Amazing app!

Let's you keep track of clothing you want and notifies you when the items you want are on sale. Plus it is very simple to use. Highly recommend for those always looking to get a good deal.

I love this app! I minor prob. though.

I love this app but the only problem is that it take a long time for your saves to show up on the app after you save them.

This is awesome!!

Helps save money!!!

Best thing I've ever downloaded

This app saves my life with shopping. I can't see myself without it.

Saved Me So Much Money

Love this app! I don't shop without it and use it to save tons of money when items go on sale. Please make an iPad version! The iPhone version won't allow you to be logged in the same account on two devices.

Must Download!!!!

Great App! I've been a member since you could only use a desktop to save items and I'm sooooooooooo excited that now I can save items through the app on my smart phone 😁

Every review should be 5 stars

One of the best apps I have ever had! No question! A MUST for any online shopaholic:)

I don't know how I was living with it before

I'm the type of person to make lists of items that I want to buy but this is so helpful because I literally don't have to do anything and I get updates via email when items go on sale! I think I have saved over $200 so far using this app. Love love love and I'm so glad it's free!

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